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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Honored visitors of the webpage dedicated to


The new internet page, this mass electronic medium, named after one of the most prominent figures of Albanian nation– ENVER HOXHA, is only a modest attempt to preserve and cultivate His eternal legacy that we have inherited from Him.

For the time being, you can only view only a fraction of his biography and probably asking yourselves why there is nothing else. The website is under construction and for technical reasons has not been completed, but not for very long. We have published this website to progress towards achieving our objective precisely on the day of 99th birthday of Enver Hoxha..

This website aims to stimulate public debate in the Albanian society and later even globally, about the life and deeds of Enver Hoxha, this Albanian statesman, who for half a century has lead the Albanian state and nation. This was motivated by the fact that in Albania both position and opposition political parties as well as some political parties and figures in Kosovo, have for over a decade blemished this renowned figure of our nation without allowing for even a single moment for archives and documentation to be presented in public. On the contrary, they have agreed that the "ENVER HOXHA" file to be closed for decades to come under the steel lock of silence. But history cannot be erased either with heaviest covers or with steel locks. The matter of discussion is a half of century history and not half a day! Thus, we raise our voice saying:

STOP the Silence!

Open archives and make them public for all strata of the society!

this internet webpage will be a catalyst for enlightenment, preservation and cultivation of the work of Enver Hoxha. Through this modern medium, we will attempt to enable all social strata to get more familiar with the written works of Enver Hoxha (currently a taboo topic in the Albanian territories). To serve this purpose we will publish in this internet site all works and books of Enver Hoxha. We leave it up to the judgment of the reader to form an opinion of them. We will release them without censorship. We will also attempt to bring forth authentic and original documents without commenting on them.

This website will also contain a space reserved for young artists, who unveil their talent precisely on the page dedicated to Enver Hoxha.

Dear reader, in our endeavor, we need your assistance. So, we urge you to write to us. We accept all criticism and we appreciate your valuable suggestions.

The website team
16 October 2007